Product Lifecycle & Case Studies

How have today’s top tech companies and corporations successfully brought their tech products from planning-stage to launch a scaling up? The talks in this track showcase both the successes and the challenges facing the leading tech product brands, and how you can learn from them.

Methodology: Agile, Rapid Prototyping, SCRUM, and Beyond

What are your choices in product management methodologies? From traditional waterfall methods, to agile and SCRUM, to pair programming and new process innovation.

Product Management Software & Innovation

Discover the newest product management & project management technologies, software, and innovation. From team communication and collaboration to product usability testing and project management, PM software is a key component to any product success.

Product Teams: Managers, Developers, Designers, UI, UX

ProductWorld will host talks on the best practices and thought leadership around the ideal product team. What makes a successful product team? How do you scale up a product team? How should managers, developers, designers, and UI / UX professionals be organized to optimize the product lifecycle?

Product Manager Roundtable Talks

  • Mobile App Product Management Roundtable
  • Enterprise Product Management Roundtable
  • Chief Product Officer & Product Executive Roundtable
  • Startup Product Management Roundtable