Why Sponsor

Connect with Tech Product Decision Makers.

Do you have a product or service that you want to get in front of product managers & product decision-makers? ProductWorld is one of the largest audiences for you to engage product management professionals via exhibitor opportunities, email-based targeting, sponsored workshops and speaking opportunities, and brand visibility.

Hire Product Managers and UI / UX / QA Professionals

Experienced product managers and product team leads are incredibly difficult to attract and hire, and can often mean the difference between company success or failure. Contact us about exhibiting and hiring opportunities where you can maximize the number of candidates you connect with.

Product Launches

ProductWorld offers you the opportunity to launch your tech product on our main stage to 200 – 300 tech professionals! Main stage launches are great opportunities to create visibility, attract hiring talent, get end-user feedback, and network with peers in your industry.

Product Feedback

When you secure an exhibitor package or a sponsored speaking opportunity at ProductWorld, you will gain direct engagement with industry professional peers who can give you transparent direct feedback about your product, interface, features, technology choices, and product roadmap. Product feedback is critical to product success, and ProductWorld is ground zero for receiving that feedback.